Selasa, 16 Disember 2008

“Record-Breaking World Best-Seller”

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Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows sold out more than 8.3 million in United States and more than 2.6 million in Britain on the first day of its release. The Harry Potter books have attracted millions of fans all over the world. This has gained the attention of headlines in many countries.

However, people do not realize that there is another book that has 1 500 000 000 fans of many different races and cultures.

These fans are so DEVOTED to this book, they RECITE at least ONE CHAPTER from this book 17 TIMES A DAY!

Millions of fans today have memorized the entire book, and billions have memorized chapters from it.

This book has not only had deep impact on their lives, but has also influenced the society, the country and the civilization that they live in.

A 1000 year old civilization has been built based on this book. It has been in print for more than 1400 years, and yet it still maintains its originality, without any additions or deletions.

What book are we talking about? It is none other than the Holy Quran.

Aren’t we proud to be Muslims?

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