Rabu, 4 Februari 2009

The Last Survivor of 9/11

He is William Rodriguez, the janitor with the master key that has all-access to the WTC. He was the last man to walk out alive from WTC after the attack. 

He was honored in the white house five times and received ‘National Hero Award’ from the Senate of Puerto Rico for his efforts to rescue the people trapped in the building.

Afterwards, because of his dissatisfaction with the official investigation,
he sought out the real truth behind the 9/11 attacks,
based on his first hand experience and other evidence. 

This eventually brought him to discovering the
truth about Islam.

William Rodriguez embraced Islam in December 2006.

Can you imagine the person who had 
first-hand experience of 
the "Biggest Terror" done by Muslims
becoming a Muslim??

Aren’t we proud to be Muslims?
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  1. yes, i proud to be muslim. can i put this pict on my blog? i'll link it to yours.


  2. kesian nyer kucing tu.. mangsa jurugambar.. ~_~

  3. salam ziarah,,
    ana pernah jumpa William Rodriguez ni.
    what r wonderful speech..
    daripada janitor menjadi hero..
    hero kepada Ad-din.